Hey everyone and welcome to my blog!

I’m Eleana, a 21 year old girl who decided to blog about what I love, beauty, fashion and everything in between!

I like to post on Mondays & Wednesdays and sometimes in between! I’ll leave the schedule down below!


✓ Makeup Mondays- All things Beauty related

✓ Wishlist Wednesdays- All things fashion related


✓ Some weeks I also do travel and lifestyle posts between schedule!


Find me on Youtube & Social Media!

Youtube: Eleana Marie

Instagram: EleanaMarieK

Twitter: Eleana Marie K

Snapchat: Eleanamariek

For any questions or enquiries please email eleanamarieblog@hotmail.com


I hope you enjoy the site along with my posts and thanks for stopping by!

Eleana xo





Disclaimer: All views are my own. I am not professionally trained in makeup and do not claim to be. Images are photographed by me, unless stated otherwise. All content is also my own, please do not claim any content of mine without acknowledgement.



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