Beauty Review: Morphe 35T Palette

For years I’ve heard people rave about how good Morphe is but I never got around to buying any of the products. The main reason for this was the fact they’re not readily sold in Ireland and I would have to buy it online.

I was in Belfast recently and spotted a shop called BTY Cosmetics. The shop sold lots of different brands that I can’t get at home so I decided to grab some things, one being the Morphe 35T palette. It was difficult to decide which palette to choose as there were loads and the shades in each were gorgeous. I finally chose the 35T as I love golds, browns and burgundys for my eye colour.


Luke kindly bought this for me in Belfast and it was around £25 which looking at other websites now is the standard price for a Morphe palette. I definitely think it’s worth it due to the fact there are 35 shades in it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 13.03.49.pngMorphe 35T


I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the palette. The shades are super pigmented and they glide onto the eyes. Due to the fact they are so pigmented, a little goes a long way so the palette will last for ages.

Sample Swatches:

I swatched a few shades from the palette to give you an example of the pigmentation. The shimmer shades definitely showed up better on camera but you get the idea! I can reassure you they look better on my eyes than on my arm!



I would definitely recommend this palette. For the price, number of different shades and quality it is well worth the money. I’m looking forward to buying more of the Morphe palettes soon!

Also, I mentioned the palette in my Youtube video Here if you want to check that out!


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Hope you enjoyed!



Until next time



Eleana xo



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