My Favourite Makeup Brushes & Brands

Brushes are an essential for good makeup application so it’s definitely worthwhile investing in a good set. Brushes can be costly at times but they last such a long time if they are looked after properly so it’s worth splurging. I’ve tried a number of different brush brands over the years so I’ve decided to mention them today and some of the brushes I love from those brands. Hope you enjoy!


When I first started using makeup I knew I wanted to invest in a good set of brushes that would last me a long time. For Christmas one year I asked for the Sigma Premium Kit. This set is perfect for beginners and contains the majority of brushes you could ever need. It’s a 15 piece set with a range of eye, face, concealer and lip brushes. My favourites from the set would definitely be the E35 Tapered blending brush and the F10 powder/blush brush.

Separate to the set I also purchased the F80 Flat Kabuki brush in Copper. I use this brush every single time I apply my foundation and it creates a gorgeous natural finish. Of all the Sigma brushes I own this is by far my favourite.


Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas, an Irish brand do amazing quality brushes and makeup. They sell brush sets and individuals but I’ve only ever bought their brushes separately. I bought one brush initially to try out the quality, fell in love and kept purchasing more. My first brush from the brand was the E25 Round Top blending brush.  This eye brush is super soft and a fab brush for blending in the crease. Afterwards I purchased the brands E35 flat shader, E39 bent liner brush, F05 fan brush, F30 sculpt brush and my favourite E38 brow finisher. The best thing about this brand is how affordable the brushes are for such amazing quality.

Top L-R F30 sculpt brush/ F05 fan brush/ E38 brow finisher/ E39 bent liner brush/                 E35 flat shader/ E25 Round Top blending brush

Beauty Bay

The one and only brush I have from Beauty Bays own brand I received for free with an order of products I bought and didn’t expect much from the brush. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement! The brush is a fluffy eye blender brush and it is super soft! I can’t seem to find the brush on the website now but I’ll leave a picture of it below.


Beauty Bay Eyeshadow Brush


I’ve only ever purchased one brush from MAC which I got 6 years ago and it’s still fab! The 187 Duo Fibre Brush is one of my favourite brushes ever. I use it after applying my foundation with the Sigma Kabuki to blend the foundation even further and create a smooth finish. The brush does shed quite a bit but it doesn’t bother me because afterall that’s to be expected after 6 years.

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush


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