Wednesday Wishlist: Bershka Accessories {August 2017}

Sticking with my Wednesday Wishlist trend, this week is all about accessories from Bershka! Last weeks post was about clothes from Bershka and I mentioned how I absolutely love the brand. Enjoy!


I love trainers so much! They’re so comfortable and they’ve become so stylish! I mean look at how cute those pom poms are!

Metallic Boots Here,Pom-Pom Trainers Here, Patent Heels Here  ,Faux Fur Trainers Here

Bags & Purses

Every one of my blogs seems to feature pink lately and I’m loving it! The ring purse is a much cheaper version of a Chloe ring style handbag!

Pink Bag Here,Ring Purse Here,Backpack Here,Purse Here


Anyone who has read my previous blogs will know how much I love gold and rose gold jewellery! How gorgeous is that watch?!

Rings Here, Rings Here, Watch Here,Earrings Here

Hair Accessories

Throwing it back to the 90’s with the scrunchies! They’re so cute and are making such a comeback this season!

Pink Bow Here ,Red Bow Here, Velvet Scrunchies Here , Floral Scrunchies Here


Until next time,


Eleana xo







*images are not my own


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