Wednesday Wishlist: Bershka Clothing {August 2017}

Bershka has become one of my favourite clothing brands. It’s a store I never shopped in until recently and now I’m constantly browsing their online store and I love their stuff!

*Sidenote, I’m exhausted today writing this post as you’ll probably notice from my lack of writing and more images! Anyways I hope you enjoy and I promise Friday’s post will be more chatty!

Coats & Jackets

Winter is so close now and I’m so excited for A/W fashion trends. I love faux fur as you can see below but NEVER real fur, save the animals please.

Pink Parka Here, Fur Gilet Here , Pink Coat Here, Grey Blazer Here


I love bodysuits. They’re so handy to just throw on for any casual day time look with a pair of jeans. Bershka have lots of different styles to choose from.

Burgundy Here,Black Here,Red Here,White Here


Clearly I’m loving pink fluffy knitwear this season…..!

Pink Fluffy Here, Cardigan Here, Grey Knit Here, Pink Knit Here


I mentioned before how I’m loving trousers lately rather than wearing uncomfortable jeans all the time and they’re a nice change for everyday wear.

Ripped Jeans Here,Floral Here,Pink Trousers Here,Grey Trousers Here


Until next time,


Eleana xo




*images are not my own


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