Favourite Designer Pieces/Wishlist Shoes & Bags {August 2017}

Who doesn’t love a good designer piece! There’s always those few designer pieces  we haven’t gotten our hands on yet and are dying to get! There are quite a few things I want of course but they’re a luxury and not something you can just buy on a whim.  Designer bags and shoes especially are crazy expensive and I totally agree that nobody needs items worth thousands in their wardrobes but it’s always nice to dream right? In saying that I hope over the years I’ll be able to get some of the pieces on my wishlist so see below for what they are!


Louis Vuitton

For the longest time I have wanted an LV ‘Neverfull‘ bag but they seem to be so popular nowadays and they kind of lost their appeal to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say no to one if it was offered to me but  I do have my eye on another LV bag, the ‘Kimono PM‘. I am OBSESSED! It has the classic Louis Vuitton brown leather with monogram detail on one side and the opposite side you can either choose to have plain black or plain red. Personally I love the red It just looks incredible! The brand really can never go wrong. Also, can we take a minute to appreciate how amazingly cute the new ‘Petite Malle‘ bags are! They are so small and the design on them is just gorgeous! The downside is they’re ridiculously priced at over €3,500 but like I said, we can always dream! Last but not least, is the ‘Saint Michel Monogram canvas‘ bag which combines two materials of two colours and has a foldover design. My favourite is by far the pink and brown version.

Top L-R Neverfull, Kimono, Petite Malle & Saint Michel Monogram Canvas


Christian Louboutin

Those classic red soles that everyone talks about. The brand has a huge selection of goods but personally I’m only interested in their shoes! I definitely have a shoe addiction and looking at all the different styles of Louboutins definitely doesn’t help! When people think of Louboutin shoes they probably always think of the classic black patent point toe ‘Pigalles’ but in reality there are so many more styles and colour options from the brand who are constantly creating new styles. Louboutins aren’t known for being the most comfortable shoes in the world but just the sight of them are worth it! Some may even call them works of art!

Top L-R Christeriva Veau Velours, Douce Du Desert Crepe De Chine, Douce Du Desert Crepe Satin, So Kate Glitter Dragonfly



Ever since I laid eyes on the Givenchy small pink ‘Antigona’ I’ve fallen in love with the brand. The Antigona in particular is stunning and my favourite piece by far and it comes in multiple colours such as the blue (pictured below). The brand create such simple and effortless designs for the bags yet they still turn out so gorgeous! After finding the Antigona I looked up more of their bags and found the ‘Mini Pandora Box Chain‘ bag, another favourite. I particularly love the powder blue version but it comes in a range of other colours too. Finally my third favourite is definitely the ‘Duetto cross body‘ bag. It’s a tri-colour bag and my favourite one by far is the white, pink and brown version. It’s a cross body style bag so is super handy.

 Top L-R Small pink Antigona, Small blue Antigona, Mini Pandora Box, Chain Duetto Cross body bag



Valentino design everything from shoes to clothing to handbags but I love their shoes above all else! Valentino are definitely best known for their popular use of studs in the majority of their designs, most people would know the Rockstud line but there is so much more the brand offers! First up, the ‘Studwrap pump’ which come in both a black and beige colour (poudre), the latter being my favourite! Next are the ‘rockstud sandals’ which I prefer to the heels. Many high street stores have come out with dupes lately for these sandals so there’s really no need to splurge €740 on these ones if you don’t have to. In terms of boots I absolutely love the ‘Rockstud Rolling bootie’. They are plain black leather with the classic studs and turquoise stones. My final favourite is definitely the light pink ‘Rockstud pump’. They are a plain patent pink and have the stud detail on the trim of the shoe.

Top L-R Studwrap Pump,Rockstud Sandals,Rockstud Rolling Bootie, Rockstud Pump



Designer items certainly are not the be all and end all and the high street often offer amazing dupes for a fraction of the designer prices. It’s nice to browse them anyways and enjoy the finer things in life sometimes if feasible!


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Until next time,


Eleana xo




*images are not my own


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