Travel Thursdays: Planning a Trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland


Hey everyone,

Today I’ve a completely different post for my blog! It’s basically a recommendations post as I’m taking a little trip to Belfast in a few weeks and I’d love to hear any recommendations or tips people have if they’ve been there before!

I’ve done a little bit of research and I’m going to post them below, popular places to visit for example but if anyone has some more places to add please let me know in the comments below or through my social media because I’m a major planner and love planning things in advance!

  1. The Titanic Exhibition

For anyone who doesn’t know, Belfast is home to the Titanic exhibition because the Titanic set sail from Belfast in 1912, so it’s only fitting that the exhibit is held there.I’ve heard mixed thoughts on this exhibition. Either way I really want to do the tour and it sounds really interesting! From what I’ve read the tour features replica rooms of the original Titanic and it’s contents. The website says adult tickets cost £18 which I suppose isn’t too bad. The website says it also has a restaurant that offers a top dining experience… this definitely swayed my decision, anything with food, I’m in!

titanic post.jpg


2. Crumlin Road Gaol

For any non Irish speakers out there, ‘Gaol’ is actually Jail i.e. prison. I absolutely love history and when I saw that I could do a tour of this jail I was super interested! According to the website the jail opened in 1846 and remained open for 150 years. Within that time, it was home to over 25,000 prisoners. The tour is 70 minutes long and tickets only cost £9 which is an excellent price.

blog 2.jpg


3.  Shopping

Would it be a getaway without doing some shopping?! I hear Belfast has some great shopping to offer from outlets to the high-street to markets there’s something for everyone.

belfast fame.jpg


4. Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle is open 7 days a week and is free admission. It was built in the 1800’s. It boasts so much history and welcomes so many visitors each year. Definitely a must see on this trip!

belfast castke.jpg



Please let me know below if you’ve any recommendations for my trip to Belfast! I’ll be there for 3 days so will have plenty of time to explore! Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram Here.



Discover Northern Ireland

Titanic Belfast


Until next time,



Eleana xo




*images are not my own


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