Wednesday Wishlist: Pretty Little Thing Clothing {August 2017}

Pretty Little Thing is quite a new find for me. I have seen so many people talking about the brand and posting their stuff on Instagram but I’d never actually gone onto the website until recently. Since that, I’ve fallen in love with the site! Their clothes are absolutely gorgeous and unbelievably affordable! I’ve yet to pick up a few things from the site so I’ve decided to make a wishlist of things I’m hoping to buy soon.


I am all for being comfy 24/7 and there’s nothing I love more than coming home after a long day and changing into comfy clothes. Saying that, I chose a few gorgeous pieces from the PLT website that caught my eye straight away from matching pieces to separates.

Blue Hoodie Here/Blue Joggers Here/Nude Hoodie Here/ Nude Joggers Here/Lilac Joggers Here/Grey Hoodie Here


Usually I stick with jeans on a daily basis but lately I’ve been loving trousers like culottes and the like and they’re so comfortable! PLT have a nice selection of trousers from workwear to more casual so they suit everyone.

Beige Here/Gingham Here/Grey Here/Floral Here


I’m definitely sensing a Wintery pattern now with the trousers and now knitwear! Like I said in a post before, Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year and its looming closer and closer so its time to prepare for it! Why not start with some cosy jumpers below?!

Pink Here/Cropped Grey Here/Pink & White Here/Pink & Grey Here


Sticking with the warm clothing I’ve chosen a few coats to feature in this post from the Pretty Little Thing website. Thy have a huge selection of styles and colours and so it wasn’t easy to just choose 4 to feature! Similar to my biker jacket feature in my Wednesday Wishlist: Boohoo Clothing {July 2017} I’m still loving the style of these suede jackets and picked one from the PLT website too!

Khaki Biker Here/Grey Biker Here/Pink Coat Here/ Camel Faux Fur Coat Here



That’s my Pretty Little Thing  wishlist for this Wednesday! Next week i’ll have a shoe and accessories wishlist from the same brand too!

If you like this type of post check out my Wednesday Wishlist: Boohoo Accessories {July 2017} & Wednesday Wishlist: Boohoo Clothing {July 2017}  and leave a comment down below!


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Until next time,


Eleana xo









*images are not my own


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