Wednesday Wishlist: Boohoo Accessories {July 2017}

I literally have a drawer full of jewellery at home that I rarely wear so I made a promise to myself recently to try to wear the pieces that I have more often whilst investing in some new pieces too!

Last week I wrote a post on my wishlist for clothes from Boohoo so this week I’ve decided to write a similar post but instead this time about accessories from the same brand. I’ve chosen a variety of pieces from earrings and necklaces to handbags and shoes so I hope you enjoy!


When it comes to earrings I’ve always loved stud ones and generally steered clear of hoop type ones. I’m going to expand my horizons and Boohoo have a gorgeous selection of earrings to choose from so I’ll leave some of my favourites below.

Tear Drops Here/Nautical Pack Here/Pineapple Here/Mermaid pk Here


I’m obsessed with rings lately, especially since I got a rose gold Pandora Princess ring for Christmas last year. Boohoo sell packs of rings for great prices in loads of different styles and colours! I especially love rings you can stack and I’m loving all the gold and rose gold trends as I’ve never been a big fan of silver.

Top L-R: Here/Here/Here/Here


Boohoo literally have hundreds of bags to choose from. I’ve always loved big bags because they fit loads of things in them and anyone who knows me will know I literally carry everything but the kitchen sink in my handbag! Every now and then,especially on nights out or parties, smaller bags are so much more convenient so I’ve included a range of different bags below!

Floral Bag Here/White Bag Here/Ring Saddle Bag Here/Chain Bag Here


It’d be an understatement to say I’m obsessed with shoes. I definitely have a shoe addiction! There are so many styles, fits and designs and way too many to choose from. Boohoo have over 500 pairs of shoes on the website so it’s safe to say it was a struggle to pick only a few pairs to feature in this post! In saying that, I separated them into different groups, heels, flats & boots! Also, can we take a moment appreciate how gorgeous the suede embroidered block heels (pictured below) are?! NEED them in my life!


Red Here/Embroidered Here/Zip Here/Studded Boots Here


White Here/Floral Here/Blue Here/Pearl Here


Bow Here/Metallic Here/ Embroidered Here/ Mules Here



Hope you enjoyed!


Until next time,


Eleana xo






*images are not my own


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