Wednesday Wishlist: Boohoo Clothing {July 2017}


Is it just me or is online shopping an addiction?! A few clicks on a keyboard and you’ve accessed your favourite clothing store and before you know it, there’s 5 dresses, 10 tops, a pair of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts and a pack of fluffy slipper socks thrown in for good measure, because you need them, right?!

Because I’m one of those people who just loves to taunt myself by going online and adding a huge amount of items to my basket and rarely actually clicking ‘Buy’ , I’ve decided to make a wishlist for my favourite online clothing stores maybe weekly, starting with Boohoo today! And who knows, maybe I’ll eventually get around to buying the clothes sometime!

I’ve been shopping on Boohoo for years now and they never fail! They always have up to date trend and their clothes are so affordable and stylish. Take a look below at some of my favourite picks!


My favourite times of the year are definitely Autumn/Winter. I love absolutely everything about these seasons and especially the thoughts of scarves, coats and all the warm and cosy jumpers. I’ve already started thinking ahead as Summer will be over soon so here’s a few coats I spotted on Boohoo that I fell in love with.

Belted pink Coat Here/Blue Biker Here /Longline Blazer Here/Beige Coat Here


Next up I’ve picked a few Co-ord sets. They’re never something i would usually go for but they are so affordable and it saves so much time and energy having to match bottoms and tops with each other. I especially love the lace top and skirt, it’s so girly and stylish! I love the baby blue set too, I’m a huge fan of culottes because they’re so comfortable!

Red set Here/Stripes Here/Culotte set Here/Lace set Here

I’ve never actually bought jeans online, I’ve always bought them in stores because I’ve always been wary of jean sizes online and the effort of sending them back if they didn’t fit! I’m kind of coming around to the idea of buying them online because there is such a wider selection so why not give it a go. Here are a few of my top picks this week that I love the look of. Also, I love how there are so many different fits and styles, from mom jeans to skinny, Boohoo has something for everyone. P.S how gorgeous are the white embroidered ones!

Denim Embroidered Here/Black Skinny Here /White Here/Blue Here


Finally I chose some tops. Some casual and some more dressy. There are a huge selection on the website from bodysuits to crop tops and they are all super affordable too.

Black Glitter Top Here/White Tee Here/Pink Bodysuit Here/Grey Crop Here


I’m hoping to make this a start of a new series on my blog where I pick my favourite pieces every Wednesday and show you them! I think I will do clothing posts every second Wednesday and then in-between I will feature accessories on the other Wednesdays so next week I’m going to do a post on accessories from Boohoo and then another store the following week!


I hope you enjoyed!

Let me know in the comment section what your favourite pieces are!

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Until next time,


Eleana xo



*Images are not my own


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