Trip to Nice & Monaco + Reviews & Vlog

I’ve mentioned in one or two of my previous posts how I would write a blog about this and finally I’ve gotten around to it! Back in April, I took a trip to Nice and visited Monaco while there. We had 3 days and 2 nights there in total so I’m going to do a little review type post about our trip! We also Vlogged this trip for our YouTube channel so I’ll leave the link at the end of this post for that.

Monday Night

We flew to Nice late on a Monday night and got a taxi to our hotel ‘The Best Western New York Hotel’. The journey from the airport to our hotel only took around 15 minutes and it cost nearly €50. We had known Nice would be expensive but we couldn’t believe for such a short journey it would cost so much. Anyways, we arrived at our hotel and were greeted by the staff. We checked in, dropped our bags in our room and decided to go out and grab something to eat as we were starving after travelling.

We wandered around the main streets looking for restaurants to eat in but it was around 11pm and restaurants were closing for the night so we ended up having to go to McDonald’s. We had a quick bite to eat and walked back to our hotel. McDonald’s prices were quite the same as at home so not much change there.

monaco 7 blog

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday came around and we got up around 10am and had a plan to wander around Nice that day and then take a train journey to Monaco to see a football match. We strolled through Nice, going in and out of shops, walking along the promenade and admiring the architecture and beautiful weather. I didn’t actually do much shopping on this trip but I did get to go to Sephora for the first time!


Tuesday Evening

We walked about 15 minutes from our hotel to the train station which took us to Monaco.  The train tickets cost us about €6 each which wasn’t bad at all and the train journey from Nice to Monaco took only half an hour. We arrived in Monaco and headed for something to eat. Neither of us had been to Monaco before so we had no idea where to go. Google Maps became our best friend as it led us through the winding streets as we searched for food. We ended up finding the Football Stadium first where we would go to the match later that evening. This side of Monaco, where the stadium was is quite industrial so we seriously struggled to find a restaurant. There was literally nowhere in sight and yet again we ended up in a McDonald’s, much to our dismay.

monaco 5 blog

Tuesday Night

The football match we went to see was Monaco v Lille. It started around 9pm and we arrived around a half hour earlier to find our seats and get settled in. The match was great but we had to cut it short unfortunately. I had checked the train times earlier and the last train back to Nice was leaving at 11pm so we needed to catch that or be left stranded in Monaco for the night. We left the match just after 10pm and set out on our lengthy walk back to the train station. We luckily caught our train back to Nice and got back to our hotel and settled in for the night.

Wednesday Morning

Our final day rolled around quickly but we were ready to leave at this stage. Our flight wasn’t until around 8.30pm Wednesday night so we had the whole day to explore some more. We checked out of our hotel room by 11am and were allowed to leave our luggage there. We took another stroll around the streets of Nice and I was super excited to go to Sephora! I dragged Luke around the store with me as I drooled over the too Faced, Kat Von D and Nars stands! I picked up a few bits which I discussed in my Sephora Haul from my trip to France blog post!

monaco 6 blog

Wednesday Evening

We took another trip to the promenade and walked along the beach. We spotted a HardRock Cafe so we got dinner, knowing we liked the food there. After we were all done we headed back to our hotel to collect our luggage. We were still super early for the airport so we just sat in the hotel lobby for a while and booked an Uber to bring us to the airport. I wish I had though to use Uber before because it’s prices were super reasonable in comparison to our first airport to hotel journey.


Wednesday Night

The Uber picked us up from our hotel around 6.30pm and brought us to the airport within about 20 minutes. We had no bags to check in and the airport was so quiet so we got through security quickly and about an hour later we boarded our flight and flew home. The flight took about 2.5 hours which flew by (excuse the pun) and we landed back in Dublin for 11pm.


Reviews of Nice


The Best Western New York hotel: It was a nice hotel that was really central to all the shops and main streets of Nice. It was clean and the staff were friendly. We literally only slept there and went elsewhere for food etc so for the price we paid for the hotel, it was definitely worth it.


Taxis were definitely over priced. I would recommend Ubers or the trains as the most affordable modes of transport.


Great choice of shops in Nice and a huge designer street too. It’s not a place I’d think of to shop but I’d definitely go back to Nice just for its variety.

Nice Overall:★★★

We won’t be rushing back to Nice but we enjoyed it when we were there.

Reviews of Monaco


Train was very affordable, but otherwise there is a major lack of transport. We’ve decided that when we go to Monaco again we’ll probably hire helicopters to get us around!

Shopping: Cannot Say

I can’t say I did any shopping in Monaco as like I said, the area we were in was very industrialised with nothing to do but I have heard of it being expensive.

Monaco Overall:★★★★

We will definitely be back to Monaco and hope to see the parts of it that we didn’t get to see in this trip.


This was a different type of post for me so I hope you enjoyed it!


I’ll leave the link to our Vlog here Youtube Vlog .


If you’ve been to Nice or Monaco let me know what you thought of it!


Until next time,


Eleana xo


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