My Trip to Edinburgh: Shopping Haul

I’ll admit, there’s not much I love more than shopping. Buying new clothes, makeup, shoes, you name it! So back in February I visited Edinburgh, Scotland. It was just a 3 day trip but we managed to squeeze a lot of sight-seeing and touristy things into the break and guess what the main thing I was excited about doing was? You guessed it, shopping! So I thought, why not take advantage of the things I bought and blog about it!

The very first thing I bought were these ‘Old Skool Vans’. I’ve wanted these for sooooo long even though every second person has them but hey, they’re comfortable, super chic and can literally be worn with everything, from dresses to jeans so it was a win-win. Along Princes St in Edinburgh there were multiple footwear stores but the first we came to was Schuh so I decided to get the Vans in there because I knew if I didn’t pick them up I’d regret it.




The second shop I wanted to go into was Debenhams along Princes St. I had heard a lot about the Too Faced Melted Matte Lipsticks so I decided to investigate. There were a lot of shades to choose from but I had decided that I needed a brown/pink/mauve type colour to add to my lipstick collection so I went with the shade ‘Child Star’. I’ve worn it a lot since buying it and I absolutely love it. It is a matte formula which can usually be drying  but this one is incredible. It’s long lasting,doesn’t budge and is not drying whatsoever. I’ll definitely be buy the rest of the collection in the future!



The third place we ventured into was River Island. I didn’t have anything particular in mind that I wanted to but but when I spotted the sunglasses tower I just knew I needed a pair and of course made an impulse buy! I picked up these gorgeous black rimmed ones for €13 and have worn them a couple times since and love them!




So I have a little story about the second last thing I picked up, a pair of shoes from Office!  Now these beauties I have wanted ever since Office posted a pic of them on their Instagram page, but they were so popular and sold out in minutes and I was left devastated! So when in Edinburgh it was in the back of my mind about these runners. I walked into Office and right in front of me were these Limited Edition ‘Grey Adidas NMD R1’ and my heart skipped! The display ones were a UK size 6 and I usually take a UK size 5 but I was willing to part ways with my money no matter what size they were! I asked the shop assistant if they had a size 5 and was told the size 6 were the very last pair so I decided to get them. But then…. the shop assistant came out of the store room and told me A SIZE 5 HAD JUST BEEN RETURNED, unworn and completely new. It was so meant to be so I picked up the size 5 and out of Office I went, ecstatic with my buy!




New Look was the last shop we went to. Like River Island I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I just wanted to browse and see if there was anything nice! Usually I’m not a fan of sale rails because they’re always messy and such an effort to rummage through but I spotted a jacket on the reduced rail anyways! There was a limited amount of sizes left including a UK clothing size 6, 12,16 & 18. I usually range between a size 6-10 in clothing depending on the shop. I tried on the 12 in the jacket thinking it’d be ok because I like to go up a size in coats & jackets so I can layer up underneath them but the 12 was huge. I figured the 6 would be way too small but I tried it on anyways and it fit like a glove! The original price was €60 but when I went up to the cash desk the girl told me the jacket was reduced to €20! To say I was thrilled was an understatement! I’ve already gotten so much wear out of it and it’s so warm and the high neck on it means theres not much need for a scarf when it gets cold outside.





I’ll leave a link to my Youtube channel below where I’ll be putting up a haul video of all the items in this blog along with a River Island Sale Haul! You can also watch the Edinburgh Vlog we filmed while on our tripe there!

My Youtube Channel


Until next time,


Eleana xo



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