Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Choosing a gift for your mom for Mother’s Day can be tough. Dropping subtle hints here and there or if you’re me, just blatantly asking ‘What gift do you want’ should do the trick! This year I’ve decided to treat my mother to dinner in a nice restaurant but if you’re stuck for other ideas, I’ve left some below for inspiration!

  1. Handbags & Matching Purses

These are always an easy and mostly affordable option, depending on where you shop for them of course. Whether it’s high street or high end, there’s a handbag for everyone. River Island would be one the best high street brands for their wide selection go handbags and purses. They regularly update their selection so always keep up to date with current trends.

High Street:

    RI blog bag 1     RI blog purse 1

                            River Island Matching Handbag & Purse 

If you prefer to splurge a bit more on bags and purses that last a life time then Brown Thomas is the place for you. It’s wide selection of designer brands means you’ll definitely find a bag or purse to suit your taste.

High End:

YSL blog pic bagYSL Blog Pic Purse


YSL Sac Du Jour Baby Handbag


2. Perfume

Perfume is a personal gift to give. Everyone has their own individual favourite scent from floral to musky to citrusy. So best thing is to rummage around in your moms perfume collection and figure out what scent she likes! Below are some examples of some amazing perfumes.


Blog pic Chanel No 5Jean Paul Blog picPerfume Blog pic



3. Flowers

The  most popular gift for any occasion, Valentine’s, Birthdays and especially Mother’s Day. The wide variety of flowers means there’s some to suit all mothers and the wide price range means it’ll suit everyone’s budgets too.

Flowers Blog


4. Gift Cards

Flowers may be the most popular gift but Gift Cards are most definitely the easiest present to shop for. Very little effort or thinking needs to go into this gift but everyone loves them because they can buy exactly what they want. From iTunes to One4all to various shops, there’s one to suit everyone.

Giftcard pic blog


5. Afternoon Tea

Probably the best gift you can give you mom this Mother’s Day is your time. Mother’s love spending time with their kids no matter what their age so why not take advantage of the day that’s in it and go for Afternoon Tea together. It’s not something people get to do all the time so this is the perfect occasion for it.

When it comes to prices, they can vary from place to place. In terms of Dublin, The Shelbourne hotel do Afternoon Tea for €49 in their Lord Mayor’s Lounge. For a little less, The Merrion offer Afternoon  Tea for €36 which includes mini sandwiches,cakes and scones.

                              tea blog pic

                                  The Merrion  &   The Shelbourne



Hope some of these can be of help to you!


Until next time,


Eleana xo



*These images are not my own work





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