My Current Favourite Nail Polishes!

I love trying out different colour nail polishes but after gathering some of my favourites for this blog post I realised I wear a lot of reds and pinks! I’ve selected 6 current favourites from a variety of brands to show you today.


1. Sally Hansen ‘Complete Salon Manicure’. I’m really liking this polish in the shade 540 Frutti Petutie. It’s a medium pink colour and claims to have ‘7 benefits of a salon manicure in 1 bottle’ which includes top and base coat but I like to use the Champneys top and base coats with this polish (N.o 6 below). This polish leaves a glossy finish and dry’s quickly.

Sally Hansen 'Frutti Petutie' Boots €8.99
Sally Hansen ‘Frutti Petutie’ Boots €8.99

 2. Champneys Nail Polish  in the shade Raspberry. This is a dark pink, almost red when applied. It is glossy when dried in but unfortunately this polish is not sold as a single, it must be purchased as a set.

Champneys 'Raspberry' Boots, Approx €15 for set of 6 polishes
Champneys ‘Raspberry’ Boots, Approx €15 for set of 6 polishes

3. It wouldn’t be a current favourites blog without mentioning the SoSu Gel Nail Polishes by Suzanne Jackson. These nail polishes are absolutely beautiful. I am currently loving Rock Candy from the original SoSu collection. It is a gorgeous cotton candy pink that is super glossy. I fell in love with the colour the first time I applied it and can’t wait to try the new SoSu Autumn Collection!

SOSU 'Rock Candy' Pharmacies Nationwide €7.99
SOSU ‘Rock Candy’ Pharmacies Nationwide €7.99

4. Essie nail lacquer is my next current favourite in the shade Bordeaux. It is a deep burgundy colour, perfect for Autumn (Fall). It isn’t too glossy but I like to sometimes put a matte top coat over it to mattify it.

Essie 'Bordeaux' Boots €9.99
Essie ‘Bordeaux’ Boots €9.99

5. Warehouse’s nail polish in the shade Coral really surprised me. I didn’t expect a clothing brand to produce such a good polish but it really did. This is a really really light coloured nail polish but it stays on longer than any other I’ve tried without chipping.

Warehouse 'Coral'
Warehouse ‘Coral’ €8

6. Champneys Base & Top Coat is brilliant. It brightens up any nail polish and allows the colour to stay on for longer without chipping. Like number two above, this polish is sold in a set and not individually. I use this over all my nail polishes to create more of a sheen.

Champagnes Clear Nail Polish Boots €15 Approx for set of 6
Champagnes Clear Nail Polish Boots €15 Approx for set of 6 polishes

I think the shades Raspberry & Bordeaux will be perfect for Autumn (Fall) which is the season we are now in in Ireland.

L-R 'Coral' 'Frutti Petutie' 'Raspberry' 'Rock Candy' 'Brodeaux'
L-R ‘Coral’ ‘Frutti Petutie’ ‘Raspberry’ ‘Rock Candy’ ‘Brodeaux’

What are your favourite nail polish colours? Tell me in the comments below and don’t forget to check out my Instagram for more!


Until Next Time,

Eleana xo


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